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The Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Committee (“This Committee,” below) is aware of the very important responsibility to suitably protect the personal information of customers. This Committee strives to protect personal information based on the policies below.

1.Regarding Collection of Personal Information

This Committee, after clarifying the business purposes of handling personal information, collecting it through lawful and fair methods, and as a principle giving prior notification and publication as to the purposes of its use, collects personal information.  In the event that personal information is collected, as a principle it is collected from the person himself or herself.

2.Regarding the Use of Personal Information

This Committee, within the scope of the purposes stated below and the purposes indicated upon collection, and within the limits insofar as it is necessary for the accomplishment of business, uses personal information.

○For the Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Committee to send invitations and information to organizers, co-sponsors, sponsors, supporters, and those who cooperate for special events.
○For the Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Committee to, in accompaniment with its business, distribute mail-magazines and send direct mail.
○To conduct questionnaire surveys related to the Tokyo Shintora Matsuri.
○To conduct other business accompanying the management of the Tokyo Shintora Matsuri.

In the event that the handling of personal information is entrusted to third parties, an agreement is concluded to the effect that said third parties will adhere to secrecy, the location of this responsibility is clarified and appropriate and necessary supervision is conducted for the safe management of personal information.

3.Regarding the Offering of Personal Information to Third Parties

This Committee, other than in the cases provided below which are excluded, as a principle does not offer personal information to third parties.

○ When there is agreement from the customer
○ Other cases as prescribed by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws

4.Regarding the Management of Personal Information

This Committee, to preserve the accuracy of personal information, safely manages personal information based on law.
In order to prevent the disclosure, loss, or damage, etcetera, of personal information, firewalls are installed in the personal computers that are used by the employees who handle the personal information of customers, and suitable and effective information security countermeasures against computer viruses, etcetera, are implemented.

5.Regarding the Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, or Erasure of Personal Information

This Committee, with regards to the personal information of customers, will respond rapidly in the event that disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or erasure are requested. This process and the method of disclosure, etcetera, will be explained at the service window below. Note that the hours of reception are weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Personal Information Consultation Service Window: Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Committee Executive Office (in Quaras, Inc.)
Tel: +81-3-5487-5751
※In cases where disclosure is conducted, a service fee of JPY \500 will be charged (this includes consumption taxes and amounts equivalent to local consumption taxes).

6.Regarding the Publication of Matters Relating to the Personal Information that is Possessed

This Committee, when announcing the purposes of use of the personal information that is possessed (this being personal information that is created by the employees of This Committee in the course of business or personal information that is collected, said employees being told these are things to be used systematically), changes to these, and matters stipulated by other laws and the regulations of This Committee, will conduct this on the Tokyo Shintora Matsuri website.

7.Regarding the Organization and System

This Committee appoints a personal information protection administrator in its executive office, and enforces safe management of the personal information that is possessed.  In the office of the executive office of This Committee, a director of personal information operations is installed, and this director responsibly handles the personal information that is possessed.  To all of the employees who handle the personal information of customers, training is enforced regarding the protection of personal information, and the suitable handling of personal information in regular business is thoroughly enforced.

8.Enactment, Enforcement, and Improvement of Regulations Relating to Protection of Personal Information

This Committee, in order to thoroughly enforce these policies, makes these policies and related regulations known to all employees and relevant persons, enforces these, and makes improvements daily as necessary.

July 1, 2016
Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Committee

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